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SuperVolley Rules (Year 7 & 8)


SuperVolley has been established to be a stepping stone from KiwiVolley to full volleyball. The rules are therefore adjusted to find the right mix that encourages the best transition.  


  • A player can serve overarm twice in a row per rotation, after that they must serve under-arm to ensure that there are rallies.
  • 5 serve max per player, 2 overarm & 3 underarm.
  • Three hits per team. A block is not counted as a hit.   The ideal sequence is…………Pass Set Spike.
  • Players may not touch the net or completely cross under the centre line
  • Every rally scores a point.   Sets are up to 25
  • Teams change ends at the end of each set
  • Players may not spike or block the serve
  • Players rotate in a clockwise direction
  • The player in right back serves from anywhere along the baseline
  • Players are allowed to serve inside the line if they can't serve from the outside of the line.
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