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2023 Rules



All games are played for 40 minutes. You play a set to 25 points and then rotate to the other end and continue with a new set.

Year 3 & 4  - Kiwi Volley

Year 3 & 4 teams have only 2 contacts to return the ball over the net. 1 catch and 1 hit (it must be in that order). The same player cannot make both contacts. Year 3 & 4 teams will rotate when the new server starts after winning the previous point. The serve MUST be underarm. After 5 serves in a row by the same server, the team must rotate to their next server. NO OVERARM serving in this grade. Every rally scores a point for a team – Rally Point system

Year 5 & 6 – Kiwi Volley

Three hits per team is the ideal sequence …………Pass, Set, Spike .The ball can be played with ANY part of the body . When a player catches and throws they must remain stationary during the action and pass on as quickly as possible. Players may not touch the net. Players rotate in a clockwise direction. A team rotates when the serve has been won off the opposition team. After 5 serves in a row from 1 team that team must rotate their server. (2 OVERARM serves are allowed followed by 3 underarm) A point is scored every rally. We are aiming for rallies !

Year 7 & 8  Grade

This grade will now not be allowed to catch and throw. They will play 6-a side on a FULL Adult Volleyball Court. Only TWO overhead serves are allowed then underhand serves. After 5 successful serves by the same player you must rotate your team to continue serving. Remember you cannot ATTACK the first ball over the net.

Any queries on rules please approach your Court Manager or email info@volleyballtauranga.co.nz or  ph 0274.824.334

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