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Letter to members 25th April

Dear Volleyball Tauranga Club member,         25th April 2020

Our Club  Committee wanted to keep up our communication with you. Our goal, as always is to continue to provide Volleyball for our community at any level and for all ages,12 months of the year and when it is safe.

We do have plans to offer winter leagues but at this point our plans are on hold until Facilities are open and safe. Likely a Level Two scenario. We will continue to monitor with a plan for a quick start up when the time is right.

In regard to our Term One Leagues and the unfinished competition,  in a genuine effort to show goodwill and commitment to our Volleyball community, we offer the following.  

Refunds of 40% of paid Term 1 fees can be requested. Please send an email to with your team name, your name and bank account number. A list will be compiled on 31st May and circulated ensuring everything is transparent. Refunds will be completed on 10th June, 2020. (We are trying to keep this process as simple as possible as we are volunteers!)

We assure you in an effort to keep our local Volleyball surviving should you not request a refund those funds will be used to subsidise the ongoing fees over the next competitions.

It is also a reality that our popular Club Representative season is unlikely to happen. Every effort will be made to create high level competitions locally together with our more social leagues so we hope that will cater for those athletes desperate for Volleyball.

Our Club has been around for over 45 years and we intend to manage our way through this evolving situation. The comraderie shown by Sport in general is always encouraging but it is certainly going to change some priorities as our new normal develops.  If you have any queries or comments please do not hesitate to contact your Committee.


Yours sincerely Volleyball Tauranga Committee

Stewart Henderson (Chair ph 021.114.4551)

Paul Ake (Treasurer)

Jenny Kirk (Sec/Manager ph 0274.824.334)

All communication and comment to email


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