• Who's it for:

    All year 3 – 6

    Year 7 & 8, 4-a-side SuperVolley

  • When:

    Fridays, Feb 16th - April 6th (7 weeks total - excludes Good Friday)

    4:30 – 8:10pm

    Entries Close:

    5pm Friday 9th Feb

  • Where:

    QEYC Stadium, Tauranga

  • How much:

    School - $20 per player

Friday KiwiVolley League

This is the first taste of volleyball for primary school kids. We’ve modified the rules of volleyball to make it easy for all to get involved in this game.

This game is played on a badminton court, with a 1.8m net. Teams have 4 players on the court at a time, but we recommend teams of 6 players, with players rotating on and off the court.

The ball we use is also specially designed for young volleyballers, it softer and lighter so easy for young players to manage.

The other major change is that contacts which are passed to a team mate may be caught and immediately thrown (rather than hit), with the contact that plays the ball over the net (usually the 3rd contact) MUST be hit. Specific rules for each age-group can be found in the menu at the top of the page.

We have made some rule modifications this season:

Year 3 & 4 (we are hoping to make this year level more fast moving by reducing the number of catches):

  • Year 3 & 4 team will now have only 2 contacts to return the ball over the net. 1 catch and 1 hit (it must be in that order).
  • The same player cannot make both contacts.
  • Year 3 & 4 teams will rotate at the completion of every rally.
  • The service is made by the team who won the previous point. The server must be more than 1 metre from the net.


Year 7 & 8:

  • This grade will now not be allowed to catch and throw.
  • They will still play 4-a-side on a Badminton Court
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