• Who's it for:

    Social 4-a-side

    School 4-a-side

    Beginners OR Competitive Players


  • When:

    Monday May 6th - September 16th 2019 (19 weeks)

  • Where:

    Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Road

  • How much:

    $350 per team

Monday Winter League

This league caters for social and competitively social teams.

Referee's are provided for this league so you can just turn up and play.


$350 Per Team

Volleyball Tauranga
B/ACC: 03-1548-0004124-00
Reference: "Team Name"



Some nights your team will not receive your prefered game time.

The majority of the team entries for our Monday Winter League have shown that they prefer the earlier games.

We will do our best to share the early game times around the teams.



On wednesday night each week the draw for the following week will be uploaded on our website.

Please check the draw carefully to ensure you have the correct information for your game. 



Each set is to 25. Once a set is completed teams must change ends, and start playing the second set.

Each game is 40 minutes.

The winner of a game is determined by the team with the most points after 40 minutes (the hooter will sound the end of the game).

If two teams come to a draw at 40 minutes, the game must be won by 2 points.

Team uniforms are permitted, but not required.

A player cannot touch any part of the net during a rally while he/she is in motion of attacking/defending.

Teams must rotate clock-wise

Substitutes can only be made inbetween rallies, and only the Front-Left position on the court can be substituded out.

If a ball touches the line it is "in"

If a ball touches the aerial it is "out"

If a team touches the ball more than 3 times, the other team wins the point.

A player cannot touch the ball twice consecutively

Players must serve from BEHIND the service line (Your foot cannot touch the service line before or during your serve)

If a players whole foot enters the other teams court, the other team wins the point

A front court player cannot tip the ball inside the 3 meter line.

The current (On serving team) or previous server (On receiving team) for each team must play in the back court for the rally until the next rotation.

The back court player of each team cannot attack the ball in front of the 3 meter line.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in conact with us at info@volleyballtauranga.co.nz



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